Results & Resources

Results & Resources

All deliverables and papers, and access to experimental data sets and tools will be made available here.

Project Deliverables - available

Project Deliverables - upcoming

  • D2.1 Biodiversity+ Development Database – A description of all input datasets and all test datasets produced during the product development and validation.
  • D2.2 Algorithm Theoretical Baseline Documents (ATBDs) – A specification of the EO algorithms and ecosystem/ecological models implemented for the selected pilots.
  • D2.3 Product Validation Reports (PVRs) – A detailed description of the results of the algorithm/model experimental analysis and the results of the validation on the test sites.
  • D2.4 Experimental Datasets – A description of the Experimental Datasets used for the Earth System Science Pilot for Biodiversity.
  • D3.1 Impact Assessment Reports / Science Chapter – A summary of the scientific results of the pilots with an analysis of their utility for scientific goals.
  • D4.1 Impact Assessment Reports / Policy Chapter - A summary of the scientific results of the pilots with an analysis of their utility for policy goals.
  • D5.1 Science Agenda and Scientific Roadmap – A document outlining a Science Agenda on EO for Biodiversity and a 5-year scientific Roadmap (2023-2027) for R&D activities
  • D5.2 White paper - A White Paper on EO-based Earth System Science Approaches to Biodiversity.
  • D6.1 Directory of Biodiversity Partnership on EO - A list of all the major active European and International initiatives, networks, organisations and projects on biodiversity.
  • D7.3 Scientific Briefs – Short graphical documents for the Scientific Community
  • D7.4 Policy Briefs – Short graphical documents for Policy Stakeholders
  • D7.5 Peer-reviewed scientific publications – Scientific papers in high impact international scientific journals, which maximise the scientific return of project.
  • D8.1: Final Report – A Final Report providing a complete self-standing description of all the work done during the study.

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Towards Earth Observation supported monitoring of freshwater biodiversity


This project is funded by the European Space Agency.



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